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10 Things I Hate About You: Kat Stratford [INFP]

Introverted Feeling (Fi): continually weigh the importance of everything. Approach situations by considering what is truly important and valuable. Examine choices to determine if they match their inner value system. Gut feelings about right and wrong. Detect others’ insincerities. Identify and defend others’ needs.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): explore a multitude of possible outcomes, options, and opportunities. Floods of ideas, often from outside the immediate situation. Seek to relate isolated ideas to a larger context. Reframes a problem in preparation for a new solution. Enjoys looking for patterns, using imagination to explore fictional worlds. Interpret many possible meanings and hypotheses that grant insight into what’s really going on. Recognizing people’s needs.

Introverted Sensing (Si): enjoy revising the past (places, actions, ideas, history, books). Collect detailed information on their interests. Devote time to researching the past to learn from others’ experiences. Drawn to collect things. Recognize subtle familiar sensory elements. Stores memories to access accurate details of the past.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): desire to be efficient and systematic. Know the importance of schedules but struggle to hold to them. Frustration at their disorganization. Ability to think through long term consequences and prepare for them. Outline reasonable explanations for decisions and conclusions, although often in an argumentative manner.

Kat Stratford has an opinion about everything and knows exactly how she feels about it. She’s driven to be independent – to create her own life, not to conform to anyone else’s desires for her, and to be true to herself as a musician and loner. Ultimately, even though her feelings are hurt by the truth, she still makes an emotional decision to forgive her boyfriend (Fi). She sizes up people and situations easily and interprets them correctly, often with witty and cutting comebacks. Kat hates people who conform or have limited minds not open to new ideas (Ne).

Her own experience with the “hottest guy in school” reinforces all her present social behavior, including her unwillingness to date, her dislike of him going after her sister, and her overall view of men. Kat enjoys revisiting her favorite things and her own memories are important to her, particularly when she chooses to confide them in her sister (Si). She can be tactless and blunt, assertive in her opinions, and also a little insecure about herself. Kat is known for challenging her teachers and defending her opinions with concise remarks (inferior Te).

Note: Her boyfriend is an ISTP (logical but considerate of her feelings, tends to jump into the middle of something once convinced it’s worth his time). Don’t really care about the other characters, so…


Dream Sweetly Beautiful Souls!


Dream Sweetly Beautiful Souls!


Final Fantasy Minimalistic - Heroes Version


Sometimes it’s best to pretend the show ended before the series finale


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kill the idea that openly caring characters are boring

set on fire the line of thought that dictates that altruism is a bad thing and that selfishness/sassiness is an inherently more appealing and ‘~intricate~’ quality than an affectionate nature

smash and bury the concept of the false equivalency between angst and complexity

kindness and empathy are not synonyms for “blandness” and “lack of personality”



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Name: Stephanie

Personality Type: INFP

Are you sure?: No. I’ve felt for a long time I vacillated between INFP and INFJ, and now the more I learn about functions, the more I see a lot of ENFJ in myself as well.

Do you fit the stereotype for your type?: In some ways. I definitely am indecisive, idealistic, and emotional, and I’ve heard INFP described as the most outgoing introverted type, which is definitely true… But I talk a lot, am pretty independent, take on leadership roles easily, and while I am in no way confrontational and can’t say I *enjoy* having uncomfortable conversations with people, I am extremely diplomatic and don’t really take no for an answer which makes me well-suited for advocating on behalf of others (on behalf of myself? Yeah I still kind of fit that stereotype… I’m not as spineless as I used to be, but I still don’t speak up for myself that often)

Favorite thing about your own type, and most frustrating thing about it?: Get out of jail free card for not being well-rooted in reality, and an easy connection to the natural world. :) Worst thing—the constant struggle for my internal world and my external world to line up.

Have you ever had an “in the grip” experience?: Yes, and particularly with my husband.

What’s one thing you want others to know about your type?: We aren’t wilting flowers who break at the first sign of trouble.

What’s your favorite personality type?: I’m drawn to ENFPs and INTJs more than others, though I definitely wouldn’t say I have a favorite.

Favorite fictional character(s)?: Yuna, Squall, Rinoa, Laguna, Tifa, Aeris, Rosa, Rydia, and Zidane from FF; Aragorn, Samwise, Eowyn, and Faramir from LotR; Luna, Hermione, and McGonagall from Harry Potter; Belle (Disney!verse); Virginia Lewis from The 10th Kingdom; Meredith Grey; Skye and Meilnda May from AoS (okay…like the entire cast of AoS but they’re my favorites…), and a whole bunch of others. I halfway define myself by my favorite fictional characters, so this list could go on for awhile… 

Recent Favorite Movies: I like the addition of ‘recent.’ :) We’re still kind of stuck on The Avengers, in my house at the moment. Howl’s Moving Castle is always up there, and the entirely of The Lord of the Rings

What did/do you want to be when you grow up?: I have wanted to be, at various times: a mom, a cook, a marine biologist, a journalist, a musician, a photographer, a digital editor for movies, a lighting designer, a stage manager, a nurse, a teacher, a writer, and a therapist (which also went in a few directions, but landed specifically on research/practice with environmental/terrapsychology) Now… I don’t know. I was a stage manager for awhile and did some lighting design in college. I am a mom and I love it. I haven’t given up on photography and writing. I was actively researching terrapsychology for awhile, but got kind of lost in the job I currently have (human resources) for the last few years. It’s caused a lot of cognitive dissonance for me, and I am only now starting to claw my way out of routine into putting myself onto a path again. I’m not 100% sure on where I want that path to take me, but… I want to help make the world a prettier place. Through art, through conservation, through activism, through whatever means I can achieve to make people happier and see love and beauty instead of hate and fear. (Okay… so INFP might be a pretty accurate type after all…)

What are your main interests?: My family, nature (camping, hiking, rafting, some gardening, or simply being with with earth and wind and sky), writing, reading, photography, cosplay, music, cooking (though not baking). I’ve taken an interest now that my daughter is old enough in DIY children’s snacks and activities—environmentally and nutritionally gentler alternatives. I still love video games, though I don’t play them as often, and I am slowly starting to practice playing music again.

Top three favorite authors?: Audrey Niffeneggar, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Joseph Campbell. (Though now that I’m finally reading Discworld, I forsee Terry Pratchett making this list one day…)

Five things on your bucket list?: In no particular order: Hike the A.T., have something published, visit New Zealand, go with my family to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, shape something positive within my community



very strange how u can talk to someone everyday and still miss them